We’re Not Stumped Freedom’s Wings Arizona Nonprofit S3 E15

Freedom’s Wings Arizona, a non-profit organization operated by individuals with disabilities, whether physical or developmental, has the mission of introducing the exhilarating world of soaring to such individuals.

Their objectives include:

  • Introducing individuals with disabilities to the soaring experience through Therapeutic Recreation, offering demonstration flights free of charge.
  • Providing qualified individuals with disabilities the opportunity to learn soaring, with options including solo flights, attainment of a private glider license, and further progression.
  • Offering training programs for instructors, ground crew, and flying students. Sharing the joy of soaring with many people throughout the State of Arizona.
  • Advocating for the adaptation of sailplanes with hand controls in other glider clubs and commercial operations, thereby increasing access for individuals with disabilities to enjoy soaring.

Freedom’s Wings Arizona draws inspiration from the successful model of Freedom’s Wings International, a similar non-profit organization that has been serving our community for over 35 years.

Links: https://freedomswingsaz.org

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