We’re Not Stumped Podcast – Kara Skrubis, Osteosarcoma Cancer Survivor & Above Knee Amputee S3 E10

Since the age of three, Kara Skrubis has practiced ballet. Throughout her youth, she traveled the nation, showcasing her ballet prowess. Alongside her performances, she commenced teaching ballet and started her studies as a dance major at University at Buffalo.

However, her trajectory took an unforeseen twist during her inaugural semester at UB. In October 2019, Skrubis awoke to excruciating pain in her left knee, soon accompanied by a concerning “warm lump.” Despite a visit to a local urgent care facility, the ailment remained undiagnosed. It wasn’t until three months later, under the care of an orthopedic specialist, that a tumor was discovered in her left tibia.

At 18 years old, Skrubis received the diagnosis of osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer predominantly affecting teenagers and young adults. While receiving treatment, Skrubis was compelled to take a time off from her studies for a year. Her journey started with chemotherapy in February 2020, followed by the amputation of her left leg in April 2020 to eradicate the cancer. Subsequently, she underwent immunotherapy until June 2021, concluding her treatment regimen with chemotherapy in September 2021.

During her stay in the hospital, Skrubis says her mother, Lisa, 54, found and connected with MIB Agents, a pediatric osteosarcoma nonprofit that provides resources, information and support to patients and families.

Skrubis still practices ballet, but she changed her majors from dance and psychology to psychology and health and human sciences so she can work with other youth diagnosed with cancer.


MIB Agents: https://www.mibagents.org

People Magazine Article: https://people.com/health/kara-skrubis-talks-continuing-ballet-following-bone-cancer-leg-amputation-i-never-gave-up/

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