We’re Not Stumped Amuptee Podcast Season 2 Episode 8 with Abram Baker

Abram Baker is many things, including a welder and massive car enthusiast. In 2019, he suffered a horrific industrial accident that took his left hand. That hasn’t stopped him from continuing with his welding or stopped him from working on the cars he loves. In fact, Abram has added a new responsibility since his accident – that of a nonprofit founder. He describes his foundation, the Wounded Wing Foundation, as “A foundation for upper limb amputees and helping them get to adjust to the devastating loss of a upper limb and how hard it is to adjust to something that affects everything you do. But there is hope and help and we are aimed at helping you and your journey.”

In this episode we talk about his injury, his foundation, the brand he created called Blue Collar Brand, how the movie “Charged” helped him and more.

Links to items discussed in this episode:

Wounded Wing / Blue Collar Brand Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abramjohnbaker/

Arm Dynamics: https://www.armdynamics.com/

Charged: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6105406/

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