We’re Not Stumped S3 E7 Lisa Strube, MS, LPC, CRC, CST Above Knee Amputee

In this episode of the We’re Not Stumped podcast, meet Lisa Strube! An unfortunate accident when she was 18 led to an above knee amputation.

Lisa is a therapist who has confronted her own challenges. Through the support of therapy, she successfully worked through moments of self-doubt and emerged in a better place. Specializing in relationship therapy, Lisa appreciates the fundamental human need for connection and love. She believes that when we experience these vital elements, we flourish—a beautiful aspect of our humanity. However, Lisa also acknowledges that conflicts may arise in both our connections with others and within ourselves.

In the realms of challenges such as disability, relationships, trauma, or sexuality, Lisa understands that there are numerous avenues for working through them and achieving healing.

Buckhead Sex Therapy: https://www.buckheadsextherapy.com

Lisa Strube LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-strube-ms-lpc-crc-cst-3945a15b/

LIVING WITH LIMB LOSS: Key Tips to Maintaining Healthy Relationships by Lisa Strube: https://blog.amputee-coalition.org/inmotion/living-with-limb-loss-key-tips-to-maintaining-healthy-relationships/

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