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In this episode of the We’re Not Stumped podcast, I have the pleasure of hosting Dr. Eric Gabriel, a bi-lateral above-knee amputee for the second time. Born and raised in Levittown, Long Island, NY, one of the first pre-planned housing developments in the United States, Eric enjoyed a childhood filled with school and baseball. Later in life, he discovered a passion for softball and played competitively for 18 years, starting in his late teens. Despite the enjoyment, his aggressive playing style, which often included sliding headfirst into bases while wearing shorts, led to significant knee injuries. The constant abrasions and internal damage resulted in numerous surgeries over the years.

Eventually, Eric faced a difficult decision: endure the severe pain and immobility from his surgeries or have his right leg amputated. He chose the latter and underwent the procedure in 2009. A few years later, in 2018, he had his left leg amputated, becoming a bi-lateral above-knee amputee. Although these years were among the most challenging, they also brought profound transformation.

Eric found new purpose and meaning through adaptive rowing. Despite his amputations, he discovered he could row using a machine called an ERG, which led him into competitive rowing. He competed three times in the World Indoor Rowing Adaptive Championships in Boston, Massachusetts, earning a silver medal in his first championship. Recently, he placed first in the category for 60-year and older lower leg amputee males. In 2012, Eric was invited to try out for the United States Paralympic Rowing Team. Although he didn’t secure a spot on the team, he remains deeply grateful for the experience and the inspiration and motivation from his fellow athletes.


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