We’re Not Stumped with North American One Armed Golfer Association President Dan Aldrich

The North American One – Armed Golfer Association president Dan Aldrich is the latest guest on the We’re Not Stumped podcast.

Dan was a teenager in late 1980s Los Angeles, competing as a high-speed international water skier until a fall at nearly 100 mph caused complete nerve detachment in his left arm, deemed irreparable. This injury, affecting the brachial plexus—a network of nerves transmitting movement and sensory signals from the spinal cord to the arms and hands—seemingly stripped the 18-year-old of his ability to engage in sports, including skiing and golf. He went on a high school trip two weeks after the accident and just kept thinking, ‘Here you go with life.’ “

Shortly after his senior trip, Aldrich returned home and accompanied his father to the golf course. Observing for a moment, he then borrowed a 4-wood from his father’s bag and, using only his right arm, expertly launched the ball over a water hazard, surpassing his father’s performance.

Aldrich has harnessed that inspiration not only for his personal involvement but also to uplift countless others. Serving as the President of the National One-Armed Golfers Association (www.naoaga.org), he spearheads efforts to organize and advocate for tournaments across the United States catering to one-armed golfers. The NAOAGA follows the legacy of the globally-minded Society of One-Armed Golfers, which originated in Scotland in 1932.

North American One – Armed Golfer Association – https://www.naoaga.org/

U.S. Adaptive Golf Alliance – https://www.usaga.org/

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