3D Prosthetic Podcast Brent Wright, ABC-certified Prosthetist

If you are in the mood to learn about prosthetics, 3D printing, and helping others worldwide, listen to this episode of the We’re Nor Stumped podcast. This episode features Brent Wright. He’s from Raleigh, NC, is as an ABC-certified prosthetist and BOC-certified orthotist at Eastpoint Prosthetics and Orthotics.
His journey in this field began at the age of 16 as a technician, granting him a firsthand perspective on the evolving landscape of additive technology and its impact on patients globally, not just within the US. Brent is at the forefront of pioneering innovative techniques leveraging additive technology like MultiJet Fusion and Selective Laser Sintering. He finds great satisfaction in the role of prosthetists within the ongoing industrial revolution, where the convergence of mass customization and enhanced patient outcomes takes place. Furthermore, Brent holds the role of Clinical Director at LifeNabled, a non-profit organization dedicated to producing novel, cost-effective, and top-tier prostheses. Notably, LifeNabled has introduced Digiscan3D, a scanning app compatible with iPad and iPhone, along with a portable suitcase 3D printer capable of deployment worldwide.
Links: LifeNabled: https://lifenabled.org
Eastpoint Prosthetics: https://eastpointpo.com
The Prosthetics and Orthotics Podcast: https://tpopodcast.com/
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