Amputee Headlines for July 4th, 2024 – We’re Not Stumped Podcast

Welcome back to the “We’re Not Stumped” amputee podcast with your host, Mike Bolland! This week, we’re diving into some incredible stories that highlight the resilience, determination, and sometimes the humor in the face of life’s challenges.

In this episode, Mike discusses:
1. Scottish Quadruple Amputee Takes on the Inca Trail

Meet Corinne Hutton, a remarkable Scottish woman who is set to embark on a 26-mile journey along the historic Inca Trail. Despite being a quadruple amputee, Corinne is determined to conquer this bucket-list challenge. Mike delves into her inspiring story, exploring what motivates her to push boundaries and how she plans to navigate the demanding trek. Read more about Corinne’s journey.

2. Amputee Center Receives Major Award in State Health Program

Great news for the amputee community in Marietta! The local Amputee Center is being honored in a state health program, recognizing its outstanding contributions to patient care and rehabilitation. Mike highlights the significance of this award, how the center has impacted lives, and what this means for the future of amputee support services in the area. Learn more about the award.

3. A Cat’s Hilarious Attempt to Scratch His Ear

Sometimes, even animals remind us to find humor in life’s little challenges. Watch as a cat adorably tries to scratch his ear, only to realize he’s missing a vital part! Mike shares this light-hearted story and discusses the importance of keeping a sense of humor, even when things don’t go as planned.

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