We’re Not Stumped Amputee Podcast S2 E17 Rose Booth Author Dancing In The Valley

This episode features Rose Booth – author, podcaster and above knee amputee.

In her very first book, author Rose Booth shares her unbelievable life story of facing death numerous times, doubting her faith, and rising from the depths of despair in her book, “Dancing in the Valley: Finding Life and Joy Amidst the Shadow of Death Nipping at Her Heels.

This is a gripping narrative of how Rose has lived her life in the shadow of death, beginning as a miracle birth after years of loss, and ending as a amputee with a deepened understanding of God, suffering, life, and a hope for heaven that readers will leave readers inspired.

Book Chapters Include:

  • The miracle of Rose’s birth
  • The tragic event at the age of seven that God used to bring her to salvation
  • The long-awaited diagnosis at age 28 that had plagued her since childhood
  • The three years of 14 surgeries, 3 times facing death, 2 heart caths, more than a year in the hospital and rehabs, and the loss of her right leg above the knee, all during a worldwide pandemic
  • The life-changing adjustment of becoming an amputee

Rose Booth Website: https://www.rosebooth.net/

One Single Thought Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/one-single-thought/id1632968683

Moving Forward Limb Loss Network & Social Group: http://www.ampmovingforward.com/home.html

Lively Limbs – Mesa, AZ: (480) 620-7125 livelylimbs@gmail.com

Ottobock: https://www.ottobock.com/en-us/home

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