We’re Not Stumped Amputee Podcast Season 2 Episode 16 Singer / Song Writer / Novelist Carlos Baker

Carlos Baker is a songwriter, musician, author, father of 4, ex-pat, amputee, survivor of childhood cancer and adult depression.

Having spent his entire life saturated both in music and writing, his band C.K. Baker Bands has released their sophomore album, Find your Way. Carlos’s gift as a songwriter comes alive as an alternative rock sound, a compelling combination of styles from classic rock, rhythm and blues, folk, and soul. By melding hook-filled melody within unexpected chord changes, his lyrics and vocal delivery showcase his ability and willingness to be completely honest in baring his emotional soul to the listener.

Carlos is also the author of Songs for Ivy, a love story of hope and resilience. Inspired by his personal tragedies of childhood cancer and having his leg amputated above the knee at the age of 14, this fictional novel is a touching and enlightening perspective on the complexity of the human soul and experience.

Novel – Songs for Ivy: https://www.amazon.com/Songs-Ivy-Carlos-K-Baker/dp/195252153X

C. K. Baker Band on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1CsZnwTsaJkc6DJE6HvFG4

C. K. Baker Band Website: https://ckbakerband.com/

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