We’re Not Stumped Podcast Episode 3 with guest Christine Caron

Sepsis survivor Christine Caron is as energetic and passionate as she is knowledgeable. Nine years ago, Christine lost both her lower legs and her lower left arm and hand to sepsis. In this episode, Christine explains how a very minor cut on her hand lead to her life-changing experience. She imparts her knowledge from both her experience and her research on sepsis and talks about the warning signs and how early detection can save lives.

Christine leads two support groups for people suffering from post-sepsis syndrome and another for those struggling to deal with their amputations. She discusses the inspiration for starting these groups: Going from having the support needed while in rehab, to having little to no support as a survivor.

Useful links
Canadian Sepsis Foundation: https://canadiansepsisfoundation.ca
Sepsis Awareness: https://www.sepsisawareness.ca
Sepsis Canada: https://www.sepsiscanada.ca
Global Sepsis Alliance: https://www.global-sepsis-alliance.org
Sepsis Alliance: https://www.sepsis.org

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