We’re Not Stumped Podcast Episode 4 with Dan Moses and Jennifer (JJ) Johnson

For the first We’re Not Stumped podcast recorded in person, I had the pleasure of talking with amputees Dan Moses and Jennifer (JJ ) Johnson. It was an unexpected but very welcome surprise to include JJ, as I was originally scheduled to only meet with Dan. But I couldn’t pass up the chance to talk with his “partner in crime” JJ, and she was gracious enough to accept my invitation to be on the podcast with literally only minutes notice. (This explains why I fumble a bit with her name at the beginning).

Dan is a below knee amputee and JJ is an above knee. They both share their stories in this episode. I met Dan at an amputee support group called ‘Lively Limbs’. He stood out to me immediately with his knowledge and his passion to pass his experience on to others. JJ is much the same – and the rapport they have with each other is entertaining. But aside from the fun they have, they both share very important information that can help others who may be in the beginning stages of their own journeys.

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Resources Discussed:
CAF (Challenged Athletes Foundation): https://www.challengedathletes.org/
Hanger Clinic: https://hangerclinic.com/
Amplitude Magazine: https://livingwithamplitude.com/
Article on Jennifer: https://livingwithamplitude.com/scuba-diving-for-amputees-heals-deep-wounds/
Dive Guardians: https://www.diveguardians.org/
K2 Adventure Foundation: https://k2adventures.org/
Mother’s Grace: https://mothers-grace.org/
AZJennBunnyXOXO TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@azjennbunnyxoxo

#amputee #amputeestrong #amputeelife #noexcuses #staypositive #positivethinking

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