We’re Not Stumped Podcast Episode 5 with guest Gary Weiland

Gary lost the lower part of his left leg in 2018. Since that time, Gary has become a motivational speaker, author, American Ninja Warrior, entrepreneur, and a member of multiple USA Para teams. Even with all of that, he also did what many thought was impossible and went back to work as a firefighter.

His message of ‘Adapt and Overcome’ has become more than a mantra – it’s his inspiring message that has helped others. The children’s books he has written share a message of hope and acceptance, all with a message for young and old alike.

Gary continues to travel the country and share his message. We were very honored to have Gary on our podcast to discuss the many ways he contributes to the amputee community.

More on Gary:
Gary’s Website: https://garyweiland.com
Gary on America Ninja Warrior: https://youtu.be/RZBY14gwi5Y
Adapt & Overcome Apparel: https://gary-weiland.myshopify.com
Fischer’s Accident (All Books in Series): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09SBQZZQT?binding=paperback&qid=1651592102

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