We’re Not Stumped Podcast YouTube Only Episode: Dan Moses, Jennifer “JJ” Johnson and John Higbee

In this episode of the “We’re not Stumped” podcast, I invite some prior guests for a ‘sit down’. They are Dan Moses & Jennifer “JJ” Johnson who appeared on season one, episode 4 (https://youtu.be/2ZlJAVLo1e4) and John Higbee, who appeared in season one, episode 7 (https://youtu.be/XGjfVpJWEWw).

We all come to the table as amputees, but our stories are much different as I am a congenital amputee (born without a right hand), John is a bilateral upper limb amputee, Dan is a bilateral below knee amputee and JJ is a bilateral above knee amputee. Some of our stories are consistent, others not so much. Listen in as different types of amputees discuss their journeys.

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