We’re Not Stumped Podcast Season 2 Episode 3 with guest John Register

John Register is a two-time Paralympian, a Paralympic Games Silver Medalist, a Persian Gulf War veteran, and a TEDx motivational speaker. He is also the founder of Inspired Communications International, an organization specializing in motivational keynote speaking, training, and coaching services. He is also a best selling author with his ebook 10 POWER STORIES To Impact Any Leader. Even with all of that, until just a few months ago, John was the Acting President and CEO Amputee Coalition, and now serves on their Board of Directors.

In this episode, I talk to John about getting injured while training for the 1996 Olympics – an injury which ultimately led to an amputation. But his story didn’t end there, in fact, it just begun. John tells the story about his recovery and making to the 1996 Paralympic games. John also talks about his time with the  @AmputeeCoalition  and the exciting future that lies ahead in every aspect, which includes AC Connect and YEP (Youth Engagement Program) . Wrapping up this fantastic episode are discussions about Limb Loss/Difference Awareness Month and what exciting things John is working towards in his future.

Discussed in this episode:

John Register & Inspired Communications: https://johnregister.com/

10 POWER STORIES To Impact Any Leader: https://www.amazon.com/Power-Stories-Impact-Any-Leader-ebook/dp/B085VKRH3T

Amputee Coalition: https://www.amputee-coalition.org/

YEP: https://www.amputee-coalition.org/events-programs/youth-engagement-program-yep/

AC Connect: https://www.amputee-coalition.org/ac-connect/

Paralympics: https://www.paralympic.org/

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